Newsletter | Vol 2 - January 2015

High Performance Alloys Database (HPAD)

The HPAD was created by CINDAS LLC to address the needs of the oil/gas, chemical processing, power generation and transportation industries. We were asked by many engineers in industries other than aerospace to produce a materials properties database analogous to the ASMD, in format, but more focused on the specific needs of these high performance industries including detailed data on corrosion testing and joining. About three years ago, we conducted an exhaustive study with materials experts in these industries as well as with the major manufacturers of high performance alloys. We developed an initial list of about 125 alloys of high interest to these industries. The inaugural release of the HPAD is scheduled for the first quarter of 2015. It will contain about 90 chapters with approximately 10-15 chapters being added during 2015. The HPAD has the same interactive features as the ASMD, TPMD and MPMD. Like our other three databases, it is web based and updated and expanded continually with carefully selected alloys.

Please view the HPAD Alloy Sheet that lists all the alloys included in the database. Note there is a major emphasis on nickel and cobalt, stainless steels and high strength steels as well as titanium. View the HPAD Alloy Sheet. Learn more about the HPAD and to try the Demo.