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What is the Damage Tolerant Design Handbook?

The DTDH is a comprehensive compilation of fracture and crack growth data for high strength alloys. The handbook is a compilation of mechanical property data that are useful for damage tolerant design and analyses. Each alloy section contains a data summary, fracture toughness data, and crack growth resistance data. The fracture toughness, crack growth, R-curve, sustained load, and threshold data are for alloy and stainless steels, nickel based super alloys, titanium alloys, and aluminum alloys. The five-volume, 3600 page set was compiled by the Materials Directorate of Wright Patterson Air Force Base. It is available in searchable PDF format.



This report summarizes the results of a damage tolerant, material property data collection and reporting program conducted under USAF Contract F33615-91-C-5610. The work was sponsored by the Materials Directorate of Wright Laboratory with Mr. Jack Coate of the Systems Support Division serving as the project monitor. The technical effort was conducted between June 1991 and January 1994. The work was performed by the University of Dayton Research Institute under the general supervision of Dr. Joseph P. Gallagher with Dr. Alan P. Berens serving as Principal Investigator.
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