Databases | Microelectronics and Composite Materials Database (MCMD)

What is the Microelectronics and Composite Materials Database?

This web-based database is the upgraded and expanded version of the Microelectronics Packaging Materials Database (MPMD). It contains everything in the MPMD (data and information on thermal, mechanical, electrical and physical properties of electronics packaging material) plus new data on more than 200 composite materials, including ceramic matrix composites, both particulate and whisker reinforced as well as GLARE materials (Glass Laminate Aluminum Reinforced Epoxy also known as GLAss REinforced laminate). The MCMD includes 1,550 new data sets, with 4,629 additional curves (the total number of data curves is over 30,575); it covers nearly 1,400 materials in 35 material groups and 544 properties in 13 property groups; it is continually updated and expanded.


Learn how to navigate in the MCMD web application with this short instructional video.

CINDAS LLC web-based database graphing functions include:

  • Large graphs.
  • Hovering cursor will show x and y values of each data point on the graph, in the color of the graph. All of the actual test data is still shown using the Show Text option.
  • Zoom feature expands the scale of the graph instantly. To zoom into the graph, click and drag a box around the data points to see in more detail. The graph will automatically adjust the axis values. This feature may be used multiple times to expand the same area of the graph. To return to the original graph, click Reset Zoom.
  • Export to printer, JPG, PNG, PDF, etc. New icons on graph display, allow user to save/export the graph to various programs.
  • Change Units feature placed next to the property and can be changed prior to viewing graph.
  • Expanded HELP section to explain new features.
  • Question marks (?) for immediate help with material and curve selection instructions.