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What are technical prerequisites for usage of the Internet based AHAD, ASMD, CLTD, HPAD, MPMD, or TPMD? Is a regular PC connected to the Internet enough to use the databases, or is some additional software or hardware necessary?

In order to use the CINDAS LLC web-based database products (AHAD, ASMD, HPAD, MPMD and TPMD), you must have a web browser. Our database application supports Microsoft Edge, Chrome 73, Firefox 65 and Safari 12. If you are not using one of these versions, all features required for access to the database applications may not be supported.

Javascript and Cookies must be enabled for the domain. No additional software is required. Adobe Acrobat (or another PDF reader) is required to view PDF files.

To properly configure cookies: In Mozilla Firefox: Go to the Edit->Preferences menu. Click on the Privacy tab. If you do not have Cookies enabled, click on the Exceptions button. Enter and click the Allow button. (Space/Return) In Internet Explorer: Go to the Tools->Internet Options menu. Click on the Privacy tab. Click the Sites button. In the new window, enter, and click the Allow button.

Can I schedule a training session on the use of the AHAD/ASMD/CLTD/HPAD?

Yes, training sessions may be scheduled for up to 9 concurrent individuals using GoToMeeting software. If you desire a training session, please sign up for a training date. Alternatively, you may wish to view the PowerPoint and/or Instructional Video on our webpage.

Do you accept payment by bank/wire transfer?

Yes. For non-US customers, we would prefer electronic transfer of funds to our account. Please contact us for account routing information when you place your order.

How should CINDAS LLC databases be cited in references?

Many times we are asked how to cite our databases in papers. We would suggest the following are satisfactory for us, because they credit the original reference as well as the CINDAS interpretation of the data.

If you are only using the general section of description in the AHAD, CLTD, HPAD or ASMD, then the following can be used:

Benedyk,J.C. (2016). Type 304 Family Stainless Steels. In Aerospace and High Performance Alloys Database (AHAD), Version 1.6. CINDAS LLC. Retrieved from

If from a specific reference such as reference 51, you need to refer back to original paper. This would also include any data taken from graphs. Every graph will show the original references for the data using the SHOW TEXT link.

Ma,J.C. "Microstructural Evolution in AISI 304 Stainless Steel During Directional Solidification and Subsequent Solid-state Transformations." Mater.Sci.and Engr. A444. pp 64-68. (2007). Retrieved from CINDAS LLC Aerospace and High Performance Alloys Database (AHAD). Version 1.6 at

From the Structural Alloys Handbook or Damage Tolerant Design Handbook, you need to go back to the specific reference for the data in the table or graph. For example, for reference 16:

Brothers, A.J. "Low-Cycle, Strain-controlled Fatigue Crack Propagation in Nuclear Piping Steels." General Electric. GEAP-10181. (June 1970). Retrieved from CINDAS LLC Structural Alloys Handbook (SAH) at

From the Thermophysical Properties of Matter Database (TPMD) or the Microelectronics Packaging Materials Database (MPMD) the following format should be used:

King, E.G. "Heat Capacities at Low Temperatures and Entropies at 298.15K of Nickelous Oxide, Cobaltous Oxide and Cobalt Spinel." Journal of the American Chemical Society. 79. P.2399-2400. 1957. Retrieved from CINDAS LLC Thermophysical Properties of Matter Database (TPMD). Version 10.0 at

What does your license agreement contain?

View our basic license agreement.

What kind of technical support is available, via telephone or e-mail directly from you regarding questions on your product? For instance if we buy a license and have a question regarding the data, can we expect to get support?

The data in the database is based on research in the field. It has been checked and rechecked by both CINDAS and CINDAS LLC. Software support is available via email and subsequent phone contact by the individuals who developed the databases. Tutorials and help pages are found within the database. It is very intuitive to use. On site training is available for a larger group at the client's expense.

Do you sell data sets on specific, individual materials?

No, we do not sell data sets on specific, individual materials.

Are corporate licenses for multiple locations for the same company available?

Yes. Please contact us by phone or email for details.

Is information on welding, corrosion, heat treatment and other topics also available on all the alloys?

You can access this type of information on any of the alloys by clicking on the PDF symbol in the upper right hand corner of the screen and selecting the alloy of interest.

What to do if you suddenly lose access?

Go to our homepage where you log in (LOGIN). Choose the CONTACT link ( and fill out the form provided. You do not have to know what IP address you are coming from as our system will capture the IP address from which the form is sent. We will then be able to check our system to determine if the IP you are attempting to access from is one of those submitted. We will be able to contact you directly with what we find. Also, please inform your system administrator of the problem so they can get in contact with us and verify the list of IPs allowed by your license agreement.

Don't see the answer to your question?

Please contact us directly.