Newsletter | Vol 2 - January 2015

Thick Section Aluminum Aerospace Alloy - 7085

by Rob Pahl
In the fourth quarter of 2014 CINDAS LLC published a chapter on 7085 aluminum for the ASMD. The chapter was written by Dhruba Chakrabarti. He was the developer at the Alcoa Technical Center when it was developed and commercialized. Applications for Aluminum 7085 include structure in commercial and military aerospace for thick sections used in spars (Airbus A380 and Joint Strike Fighter) as well as for armor plate in military vehicles. Aluminum 7085 is produced in plate, die forgings and hand forgings.

The chapter is rich in property data with over 150 tables and figures which makes it the most detailed technical paper ever published on 7085. Data which is available in the chapter includes:
  • Fracture Toughness
  • Fatigue Crack Growth
  • Static Allowable Mechanical Property Data