Newsletter | Vol 3 - July 2015

Update: High Performance Alloys Database (HPAD)

by Rob Pahl
The High Performance Alloys Database (HPAD) was released in March 2015 and details can be found on the CINDAS website. Currently there are 85 alloys included in the database with another 11 to be added this year. When complete it will include 125 alloys that are important to the oil and gas, energy and chemical processing markets. Over 80% of the alloys in the HPAD are from the nickel-base, stainless steel, high strength steel and titanium material groups.

We reached out to a number of companies that are active in these markets to test the HPAD as part of a beta test trial. Companies included were Stress Engineering, Shell, AkzoNobel and Haynes International. Through the technical feedback received from the beta test, CINDAS has updated the alloys to be included and added 12 relevant, new alloys that are important to the targeted markets. The updated list will include:
  • Ferritic - 29-4C, 430, 444 and 409
  • Super Ferritic - Sea-Cure
  • Austenitic - 654 SMO, 904L, AL-6XN, 253 MA and 153 MA
  • Duplex - 2507 and a family of lean duplex alloys (2202, 2003, 2304, 2102)
  • Nickel-Base - G-35
  • Zirconium - 702 and 705
View the most current HPAD alloy sheet that lists the entire 125 alloys.