Newsletter | Vol 4 - April 2016

Meet Our Authors

Dwaine Klarstrom has been working for CINDAS for seven years and has completed chapters on Haynes alloys 230, 263, HR-120 and 242, as well as updates for Hastelloy X and Haynes188 alloys for the ASMD. He has also completed chapters on Hastelloy B-3, C-2000, C-22HS and C-276 alloys for the HPAD.

Dr. Klarstrom received his BS, MS and PhD degrees in metallurgical engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He began his career in the Materials Engineering Department at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee where he did research on the mechanisms of metal brazing. The results of this research earned him the Rene D. Wasserman Award from the American Welding Society. In 1973, Dwaine joined the R&D Department of the Stellite Division of Cabot Corporation. The company was eventually spun off as Haynes International, Inc.

During his 34½-year career at Haynes International, Dwaine performed research in a number of areas including processing and alloy development. This research lead to the awarding of 12 U.S. patents which include commercial alloys such as Haynes 230, HR-120 and Hastelloy B-3. He has authored and co-authored over 100 technical publications, is a Fellow of ASM International, and received the TMS Application to Practice Award.

Dwaine retired from Haynes International as Director of Research & Technology in January 2008. Since retiring, he has been doing independent consulting, including work for CINDAS.