Newsletter | Vol 7 - January 2018

Product Updates

Since our last newsletter, we have added Ferrium M-54 to the ASMD and AHAD. Ferrium M54 is a secondary hardening, ultra-high-strength martensitic steel that exhibits high toughness, high resistance to stress corrosion cracking, and very high strength with an ultimate of over 285 ksi. This alloy was originally designed for the US Navy as a lower cost alternative to incumbent steels such as AerMet 100. It was designed for applications such as landing gear components, arrestment gear, drive shafts, blast resistant or impact containment devices, armor, structural components, and anywhere that AerMet 100 can be used but is prohibitively expensive.

In addition, in January, Inconel 783 will be added to the ASMD, HPAD, and AHAD. This is a superalloy widely used in aircraft gas turbines, steam turbines, and marine turbine engines, as well as turbochargers, exhaust valves, and other components of reciprocating engines.