Newsletter | Vol 8 - July 2018

What's New: Product Updates

January 2018-Inconel 783 added to ASMD, HPAD and AHAD:
This is a superalloy widely used in aircraft gas turbines, steam turbines and marine turbine engines, as well as turbochargers, exhaust valves and other components of reciprocating engines.

May 2018-Major Update to Ti 38-6-44 (Beta C) added to ASMD and AHAD:
Beta C Titanium is a widely used alloy that has a high strength to weight ratio and can be heat treated to yield strengths levels higher than Ti-6Al-4V. The original chapter on Beta C in the ASMD was written and published in 1975; this new revised chapter incorporated all the significant new work done on the alloy since that time. Applications for the alloy include aircraft landing gear components, springs for aircraft and high-performance vehicles, naval ship components, space vehicle structures, missile components, and casing equipment for gas and oil well operations.

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