Newsletter | Vol 9 - December 2018

Quantitative PDF Statistics Now Available

Since our beginning in 2003, we have been able to provide very accurate usage statistics for the numeric data (dynamic graphing, text, etc.), but were never able to separate and identify usage of the various sections of the PDF files for each chapter of the ASMD, AHAD, HPAD, SAH, or DTDH. We always realized that the PDF files were as important, or maybe more important, than the numeric data, to some of our customers. The difficulty we had in reporting was that whether the PDF chapter for a particular alloy was 10 pages or over 200 pages, we could only identify access to the chapter and therefore count it as a single completed search.

In 2017 we spent several months working with a software developer. As a result, we are now able to identify and quantify usage of text pages as well as non-text items such as tables/figures/micrographs. This data began being collected on 1 October 2017.

If you are a client and would like to request periodic statistical reports, please contact Patti Mason ( You will need to request the reports for particular quarters of the year, or for your annual access dates.