Newsletter | Vol 9 - December 2018

CINDAS Alloy Forecast

We regularly add chapters and data on additional alloys to our databases (ASMD, HPAD, and AHAD), as well as make updates to older chapters that are already in the databases. Many of the chapters are already in process since it sometimes takes over a year to create, review, edit, and perform the data entry that finally results in the addition of a chapter.

Here is a glimpse of our planned future additions and updates.

In 2019, we expect to complete an update to the chapter on Inconel 600, an update and expansion to the chapter on Waspaloy, and a new chapter on Ti-6Al-4V. The new chapter on Ti-6Al-4V will be written with a focus on additive manufacturing and will complement the other two chapters we have on cast and conventionally processed Ti-6Al-4V.

In 2020 and beyond you can look forward to revisions of chapters on 347/348 Stainless Steel, CMSX-4, and Haynes 282, as well as chapters on relatively new alloys such as Haynes 244 and Ferrium M61/M64.

Since our selection of alloys to add or update is heavily reliant on the input of our users, feel free to give us your input on what alloys or updates you feel are needed to our databases so that we can get them into our forecast.

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