Newsletter | Vol 9 - December 2018

Meet Our Neighbors

We thought we'd share a little info about our neighbors in our new home, Purdue Technology Center-Aerospace District!

Rolls-Royce Corporation Control Systems

The Rolls-Royce Corporation Control Systems is the division of Rolls-Royce focused on design and manufacture of electronic and fuel controls for aviation engines. Rolls-Royce Corporation Controls Systems partnered with Purdue University and Purdue Research Foundation to develop state of the art fuel pump and electronic control testing capability both for university research and industry design and development.

Purdue Research Foundation's Office of Technology Commercialization (OTC)

Purdue Research Foundation's Office of Technology Commercialization (OTC) operates one of the most comprehensive technology transfer programs among leading research universities in the United States. Services provided by this office support the economic development initiatives of Purdue University and benefit the University's academic activities.

Purdue's intellectual property is an asset Purdue strives hard to protect, market, and license. OTC works hand-in-hand with Purdue faculty-, staff- and student-entrepreneurs to provide the resources needed to better understand Purdue policies related to intellectual property and the processes whereby this intellectual property (patents, copyright, trademarks and tangible research property) can become an actual product or service. To ensure the long-term success of the innovations, OTC takes the process one step further - at times - and helps inventors form startup companies complete with investor support and qualified management teams. Website:

Purdue University Sesquicentennial Campaign

The Purdue University Sesquicentennial Campaign, 150 Years of Giant Leaps, is a yearlong celebration of Purdue, its remarkable people, its unique history, and its visionary drive to meet the world?s future challenges. With the campaign serving as a springboard for a renewed commitment to growth, innovation, and discovery, Purdue?s call is simple: Whatever your pursuit, take Giant Leaps. Purdue University's Sesquicentennial celebration is a time to reintroduce Purdue's people - past, present, and future - to the world. It's a time to redefine the scope of land-grant universities and challenge global leaders to take GIANT LEAPS in solving worldwide problems. Website:

Purdue University Offices

Some of the many Purdue University departments residing in the PTCA building are: Marketing and Media, Physical Facilities Administration, Safety and Security, Procurement Services, University News Service, and Supplier Diversity Development.

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