Newsletter | Vol 10 - June 2019


Most aerospace material and design engineers will access the MMPDS-12 data. Often at CINDAS we hear the question "I use the MMPDS data so why should I subscribe to the CINDAS ASMD."

To better compare what's included in the MMPDS-12 vs. the ASMD, a report was developed for high temperature Hastelloy X.

  • The MMPDS includes design allowable data with some limited actual test data, while the ASMD is predominantly actual test data.

  • The MMPDS is limited to a few properties and a limited group of materials, whereas the ASMD attempts to include all data available in the literature for a much larger selection of materials.

  • The MMPDS is required for satisfying regulatory bodies including the FAA for certification and for final design approval. It is of limited use for preliminary design when many materials are screened, while the ASMD is excellent and designed for this purpose.

  • The MMPDS contains A and B Basis Allowables and does not cover the full range of properties, conditions and environments, while the ASMD covers all the range of properties and conditions.

  • The ASMD contains data on heat treatment, joining and corrosion for each material. Data is supported with appropriate photographs and micrographs.

  • The ASMD software allows the user to compare properties of different processed material with each other and even compare properties of multiple alloys.

  • The full report is available by contacting Patti Mason at CINDAS at

    "Without big data, you are blind and deaf and in the middle of a freeway." -- Geoffrey Moore