Newsletter | Vol 11 - October 2019

What's Coming

We currently have three new chapters in the ASMD and AHAD scheduled for release in 2020. The first chapter will be the long-awaited chapter on Ti-6Al-4V; this very popular titanium alloy will be covered from an additive manufacturing (AM) viewpoint. You will recall that we initially told you about this chapter in a previous newsletter. It will cover the various processes used in AM and the resulting properties of Ti-6Al-4V when produced with this processes.


The second chapter is a combination chapter covering two newly developed high performance alloys for gear and bearing applications: Ferrium C61 and Ferrium C-64. The core properties of these secondary hardening martensitic steels exceed those of 9310 and X-53, allowing for weight reduction and an increased range of working temperatures.


The third alloy, Haynes 244, is a newly developed Ni-Mo-Cr-W alloy for advanced gas turbine engines. It offers a higher maximum-use temperature than other currently available low thermal expansion alloys.

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