Newsletter | Vol 12 - September 2020

What's New: Product Updates

January 2020 - ASMD/HPAD/AHAD - New Ti-6Al-4V (Additive Manufacturing)

This was the first of a series of chapters planned to cover the new and growing manufacturing process of Additive Manufacturing (AM), and is in all three of our alloy databases (ASMD, HPAD and AHAD).

Ti-6Al-4V was selected since it is the most widely used titanium alloy overall and the most widely used titanium alloy utilizing additive manufacturing.

The chapter follows the traditional format of our other chapters containing the same types of property information and also offers a good descriptive review of the various types of processes currently being used for those who are not well versed in this new manufacturing process. More importantly, this AM chapter complements the existing cast and wrought Ti-6Al-4V chapters so that the properties of all three forms of manufacture (wrought, cast and additively produced) of this alloy can be compared to each other graphically in the same figure.

A second chapter on a widely used aluminum alloy used in Additive Manufacturing (AlSi10Mg) will be published in January 2021 and will be presented in all three metallic databases.

May 2020 - ASMD/AHAD - New Alloys (Ferrium C61/C64)

Along with providing information on alloys that are currently in heavy use, we also try to provide information on newer alloys that can offer savings or improved performance in various applications.

Ferium C61 and C64 are newly developed, computationally designed, high performance, secondary hardening, martensitic gear and bearing steels. They were designed to optimize core properties in comparison to 9310 (AMS 6265) and Alloy 53 (AMS 6308). These enhanced properties make them suitable for reducing the weight of components while allowing an increased range of working temperatures and extended service life. Applications include aerospace, energy, oil and gas, and high performance automotive and racing industries.

July 2020 - TPMD - 100 New Materials Added to TPMD

Data on 100 new materials has been added to the TPMD. Much of the information contained in 373 data sets and 893 data curves is on Thermal Barrier Coatings, a new area of research.

See story in this issue about these new materials.

September 2020 - ASMD/HPAD/AHAD - Inconel X-750 Revision

We periodically review the alloys in our databases to determine if additional data has become available on a specific alloy since it was last published. If so, we arrange to do an update to the chapter on that alloy.

That is the case with Inconel X-750. It is a precipitation hardenable nickel-chromium alloy containing aluminum and titanium. Although it is an older alloy, it is still heavily used by the subscribers to our databases. This update/revision, just published this month, brings the chapter on this alloy up to date to include additional data and information that has become available since the original chapter was published in June 1981. Inconel X-750 is used in aerospace as well as other applications. The alloy is ranked in the top 100 alloys accessed by our users.