Newsletter | Vol 13 - June 2021

What's New: Product Updates

February 2021: New Chapter on AlSi10Mg (Additive Manufacturing) (ASMD/HPAD/AHAD)

The new chapter on AlSi10Mg is the second chapter added to our metallic databases that covers an alloy from the perspective of Additive Manufacturing (AM). This is the most widely used aluminum alloy currently used in AM. It is estimated that 25% of 3D metal printers work with aluminum alloys and AlSi10Mg is the most commonly used. The chapter also covers the status of specifications covering this quickly growing technology.

May 2021: New Chapter on Super Austenitic Steel AL-6XN (HPAD/AHAD)

AL-6XN is a high performance super austenitic stainless steel that is a nitrogen-enhanced version of the older AL-6X alloy that it has largely replaced commercially. It has good corrosion resistance and resistance to chloride stress corrosion cracking. The alloy is used in numerous applications: chemical processing, oil and gas, medical sterilization equipment, power generation and particularly in desalination, marine envlronments, reverse osmosis and heat exchangers.