Newsletter | Vol 13 - June 2021

What's Coming ....

So far this year, we have published chapters on AlSi10Mg (Additive Manufacturing) to the ASMD, HPAD and AHAD, and a chapter on AL-6XN in the HPAD and AHAD. Here are the chapters on alloys that we will be adding during the remainder of 2021 and in 2022:

Al 2198

This is a third generation Al-Li alloy that provides a 3% density reduction and a 6% increase in elastic modulus over conventional high strength Al-Cu alloys. It will be added to the ASMD and HPAD in the last quarter of 2021.

440 A, B, C, & F Stainless Steels (Update)

This existing chapter in the ASMD and AHAD is one of our most heavily used chapters. Since its original publication, a significant amount of work on this alloy has occurred; as a result, the chapter is being updated to include the new information. It will be published in early 2022.

CMSX 2 & 3

These are two of the first generation single crystal superalloys developed for turbine blades which are still widely used. This chapter will be added to the ASMD and AHAD in mid-2022.

Al 2050

This is a relatively recently developed Al-Cu Li alloy that offers weight reduction opportunities in a wide range of thicknesses of sheet and plate. It will be added to the ASMD and AHAD in late 2022.