Newsletter | Vol 14 - October 2021

What's New: Product Updates

September 2021 - ASMD/AHAD - Al 2198 added to ASMD and AHAD

Al 2198 is a third generation Al-Cu-Li alloy developed for aerospace applications. At the 1% Li alloy addition, it offers as much as a 3% density reduction and a 6% increase in elastic modulus over conventional high strength Al-Cu alloys not containing lithium. It is currently used for the fuselage of the Airbus A350XWB and the reusable second stage of the Space X Falcon 9 rocket as well as other applications.

August 2021 - TPMD - 42 New Materials Added to TPMD

The TPMD has been updated with the addition of 42 new materials, including 24 properties. The new materials include nanoparticle composites, thermal barrier coatings, ceramics, aluminum alloys, and beryllium-aluminum alloys. Some of the aluminum alloys were already in the TPMD, but new thermal properties have been added. An additional 20 aluminum alloys are new in the TPMD.

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