Newsletter | Vol 15 - April 2022

What's New: Product Updates

February 2022 - MPMD - Major Update to the MPMD

Seventy new materials have been added to the Microelectronics Packaging Materials Database (MPMD) in a major update. These materials can be found in fourteen different material groups which include: Ceramics, Cermets, Coatings (Thermal Barrier and others), Polymers, Semiconductors and Optical/Sensor Materials, and six composite groups (Laminate, Ceramic Matrix, Nano and Graphene, Metal Matrix, and Polymer Matrix). The properties covered in the update can be found in the following groups: Thermophysical, Thermoradiative, Mechanical, Electrical Properties and Other Miscellaneous Properties.

January 2022 - ASMD/HPAD/AHAD - Major Update and Revision to Chapter on Martensitic Stainless Steel 440 A, B, C, and D

SS 440 is a popular and widely used martensitic stainless steel that includes four different grades (A, B, C, and D) which are primarily differentiated by carbon content. Grade 440 F also has other alloying elements to improve machinability. Of these grades, 440 C is the most commonly used. This major update includes the latest property data and information on processing methods.

December 2021 - CLTD - First update to new database

In late December 2021, the first update to CINDAS' newest database for materials in cryogenic and low temperature ranges was made. The update includes data on 45 materials with 36 properties. Some of the new materials are AM162, Al 2198 and Al2S3.