Newsletter | Vol 15 - April 2022

New from QuesTek Innovations LLC

Here is an article from QuesTek about a practical application of one of the newly developed gear alloys that was recently added to our databases.

If you are a subscriber to CINDAS, you can access this particular alloy (Ferrium C61) along with the other Ferrium alloys we have in our databases (Ferium S53, C64 and M54).

McCoy Global Kicks Its Service Into Gear With FerriumŽ C61TM Steel

McCoy Global Inc. is a leading provider of high-performance drilling and completion equipment, expert engineering support, and responsive service to customers in more than 100 countries. McCoy Global?s products support tubular running operations that enhance wellbore integrity and assist with collecting critical data for the energy industry.

Seeking to increase the power density of an already popular product by almost 50%, McCoy Global reached out to QuesTek to explore a more robust material for a specific gear.

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About QuesTek Innovations LLC

QuesTek Innovations LLC is a global leader in ICME technologies and has used its proprietary Materials by DesignŽ methodology to rapidly design and deploy a family of commercially-available FerriumŽ steels being used in demanding applications. For over 20 years, QuesTek has been selected by all branches of the US government and a growing and diverse industrial client base to understand and resolve their most pressing materials challenges.