Newsletter | Vol 15 - April 2022

Purdue Tapped as Lead for Midwest Research Hub of New Air Force Program

Purdue University will further research and development in critical areas of national security as a lead academic partner of a new pilot initiative with the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL).

Purdue was selected as the lead academic partner and headquarters for the AFRL Regional Research Hub - Midwest and will be involved in the development of a science and technology ecosystem across a wide area of 15 states - from Ohio, west to Kansas and Nebraska, and north to North Dakota. Included in the development of that ecosystem is the integration of additional partners, anticipated to span more than a dozen academic and 50 industrial partners from across the region and beyond.

Cornell University is the academic lead and headquarters for the other hub in the pilot initiative, the AFRL Regional Research Hub - Mid-Atlantic. Connectivity between these hubs will further the aims of the pilot initiative to advance technologies benefitting both defense and commercial markets, support innovative research and education, and aid in expanding collaboration and investment opportunities. The pilot initiative is funded for at least three years.

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