Newsletter | Vol 16 - November 2022

Introducing Our Latest Materials Properties Database

CINDAS LLC is introducing our latest materials properties database: an even bigger database for microelectronics and composite materials.

A few years ago we were asked about producing a composites database, but at the time it was not feasible with our available personnel. Recently, we have been able to collect more peer-reviewed data on composites for entry into a database.  Before the end of 2022, we will offer a new database called the Microelectronics and Composite Materials Database, the MCMD. It will contain everything in the MPMD plus much new data on more than 200 composite materials, including ceramic matrix composites, both particulate and whisker reinforced as well as GLARE materials (GLAss-REinforced Fiber Metal Laminate).

Everyone who subscribes to the MPMD will be given the MCMD in a smooth transition at no extra cost. You will be notified when this transition on your account is made.

We are very excited about the new product considering that the aircraft industry has replaced up to 50% of metallic components with composite materials.

We hope that our current subscribers who do not have the MPMD will consider adding the MCMD to their subscriptions.