Newsletter | Vol 16 - November 2022

What's New: Product Updates

September 2022 - ASMD/AHAD - New chapter added on CMSX-2 and CMSX-3

CMSX-2 and CMSX-3 are two of the 1st generation single crystal superalloys developed by Cannon Muskegon. The difference between the two alloys is the inclusion of 0.1% Hf in the CMSX-3. In general these were the best non-Re containing alloys before MC2 was developed. Their low sulfur content improves adhesion of corrosion or oxidation coatings. They are particularly useful in industrial gas turbines where they are used in the hottest section of the gas turbine for rotating turbine blades, and stationary valves and nozzles. This update includes 95 data sets and 381 data curves for 31 properties of the alloys.

August 2022 - TPMD - 59 new materials added

This update to the TPMD includes a total of 176 data sets with 380 curves. Among the 33 properties included are Thermal Expansion, Thermal Conductivity, Thermal Diffusivity, Emissivity, Reflectance and Transmittance. The new materials are titanium alloys (including Additively Manufactured Ti-6Al-4V), and a wide array of magnesium alloys.

June 2022 - CLTD - 260 new datasets added

In June 2022, 260 new datasets with 697 curves were added to the CLTD. The data are on 58 properties of 55 materials in eleven different material groups. The 13 property groups include thermophysical, thermoradiative, and multiple mechanical and electrical properties. The material groups include aluminum and stainless steel alloys as well as composites, polymers, semiconductors and optical sensor materials.

June 2022 - ASMD/AHAD - Al 2050 added

Al 2050 is a third generation Al-Cu-Li alloy developed for aerospace applications. At the 1% Li alloy addition, it offers as much as a 3% density reduction and a 6% increase in elastic modulus over conventional high strength Al-Cu alloys not containing Lithium, such as Al 7050. This alloy has high mechanical properties at cryogenic temperatures and offers excellent corrosion and stress corrosion cracking resistance. It is currently used in the lower wing and other structures of the A380-800 commercial aircraft and upper stage of the crew launch vehicle in NASA?s Ares I spacecraft.

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