Newsletter | Vol 16 - November 2022

Purdue University's Scalable Asymmetric Lifecycle Engagement (SCALE): A Preeminent U.S. Program for Semiconductor Workforce Development

Led by Purdue, funded by the Department of Defense and managed by NSWC Crane, SCALE facilitates a different approach to training highly skilled U.S. microelectronics engineers, hardware designers and manufacturing experts. SCALE brings together a public-private-academic partnership of 17 universities and 34 partners within the defense industry and government. The industry and government partners regularly meet and update a list of knowledge, skills and abilities important for new entrants to the workforce. The SCALE universities then update their curriculum to ensure the students are prepared for upcoming needs in the rapidly advancing microelectronics field. 

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Nearly $11M in additional DOD funds expands Purdue-led microelectronics workforce program

SCALE: High-tech ticket to rewarding possibilities

"Chips and Science" Act is Big on Jobs, Slim on Training. The recently-passed bill aims to boost the U.S. semiconductor industry by providing subsidies for new chip factories, R&D;, and some workforce training.