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CINDAS LLC is interested in your input regarding new alloys for future chapters to our databases. We are considering the following alloys.

  • SCF 19® (UNS S21000) is an austenitic, nitrogen-strengthened stainless steel containing 5% Mo for improved stress-corrosion-cracking resistance. Composition: Fe-21Cr-18Ni-5.5Mn-5Mo-0.35N

  • Pyrowear® 675 (UNS S42670 is a carburizing, corrosion-resistant stainless steel designed to provide a case hardness in excess of HRC 60 combined with a tough, ductile core. Composition: Fe-13Cr-5.4Co-2.6Ni-1.8Mo-0.65Mn-0.60V-0.40Si-0.07C

  • Biodur® 108 (UNS S29108) is an FDA approved, essentially nickel-free austenitic stainless alloy with a high nitrogen content to maintain its austenitic structure. As a result, it has tensile and fatigue strength superior to nickel-containing alloys such as 316L (ASTM F138), 22Cr-13Ni-5Mn (ASTM F1314), and 734 (ASTM F1586). Composition: Fe-23Mn-21Cr-1.0Mo-1.0N

  • MP159® (UNS R30159) is from the Multiphase family of alloys possessing the unique combination of ultra-high strength, ductility, and corrosion resistance. Composition: 36Co-25.5Ni-19Cr-9 Fe-7Mo-3Ti-0.6Cb-0.2Al

  • Thermo-Span® is a precipitation-hardenable superalloy that exhibits a low coefficient of thermal expansion over a broad temperature range, high tensile and rupture strengths, and good thermal fatigue resistance. Composition: 33Fe-29.5Co-24.5Ni-5.5Cr-5Cb-1Ti-0.6Al-0.3Si

  • INCONEL® 693 (UNS N06693) is a Ni-Cr superalloy that offers resistance to high temperature corrosion mechanisms not previously available from a nickel-based alloy. Composition: Ni-29Cr-4Fe-3Al-1.5Cb

  • Inconel® 740H (UNS N07740) is a nickel-base, precipitation-hardenable superalloy that offers a unique combination of high strength and creep resistance at elevated temperatures along with resistance to coal ash corrosion and other high temperature corrosion mechanisms. Composition: Ni-24.5Cr-20Co-1.5Cb-1.35Al-1.35Ti

Please send an email to with your ranking of alloys. Any comments about these alloys and others we should consider would be welcome.

Thank you in advance for taking part in this survey to improve our products.

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