Newsletter | Vol 1 - July 2014

Electronics and Thermal Packaging Portal, a World Scientific Collaboration

The inherent inefficiency of electronic devices and their sensitivity to heat have placed thermal packaging on the critical path of nearly every product development effort in traditional, as well as emerging, electronic product categories. It is in this light that World Scientific, the leading publisher in thermal and electronics packaging, aims to publish top content to meet the need of researchers and practitioners alike, starting with the Encyclopedia of Thermal Packaging, and the Series in Advanced Integration and Packaging. The contributing authors to this series include Prof. Madhavan Swaminathan, recipient of the 2014 CPMT Outstanding Sustained Technical Contribution Award. (Taken from electronics and thermal packaging portal.)

CINDAS LLC is contributing data from the Microelectronics Packaging Materials Database (MPMD) to the Encyclopedia of Thermal Packaging. As one of the world's leading sources of microelectronics packaging materials data, the MPMD will be a great resource for the Encyclopedia of Thermal Packaging. The MPMD contains data and information on thermal, mechanical, electrical and physical properties of electronics packaging materials. It is available in a Web-based format. The database is continually updated and expanded. The MPMD contains over 1025 materials, 388 properties, and contains approximately 22,500 data curves. You can view additional information about the MPMD at the CINDAS LLC website.