Newsletter | Vol 9 - December 2018

Focus on Data[Permalink]

Technical data can be expensive and difficult to obtain--collecting it, organizing it, analyzing it. Any time you have something someone else doesn't have, you need to retain that advantage and put it to work.

Happy Holidays

We're looking forward to 2019 ... best wishes to all for a successful and prosperous new year!

Help! I've Lost My Access![Permalink]

If you have subscribed to any of our on-line databases and suddenly lose access, it doesn?t mean that we have turned you off. It also is rare that our server has malfunctioned because we have back-ups in place. The most likely scenario is that your IT department has changed your IP address and neglected to tell you about it.

For IP authenticated subscriptions, a change in IP address means that if your IP does not match the one(s) we have in our system for your company or school, access will be denied. This event happens more frequently than we'd like. Please make sure that your IT department advises users when changes in IP addresses are made so you don't lose access to what we provide.

What to do if you suddenly lose access? Go to our homepage where you log in (LOGIN). Choose the CONTACT link ( and fill out the form provided. You do not have to know what IP address you are coming from as our system will capture the IP address from which the form is sent. We will then be able to check our system to determine if the IP you are attempting to access from is one of those submitted. We will be able to contact you directly with what we find.

Also, please inform your system administrator of the problem so they can get in contact with us and verify the list of IPs allowed by your license agreement.

Alternatively, you can call us and we will ask you to fill out the form which allows us to capture your IP address. In either case, we want you to be able to access the data which is critical to your work!

--- Data drives results. ---

Quantitative PDF Statistics Now Available[Permalink]

Since our beginning in 2003, we have been able to provide very accurate usage statistics for the numeric data (dynamic graphing, text, etc.), but were never able to separate and identify usage of the various sections of the PDF files for each chapter of the ASMD, AHAD, HPAD, SAH, or DTDH. We always realized that the PDF files were as important, or maybe more important, than the numeric data, to some of our customers. The difficulty we had in reporting was that whether the PDF chapter for a particular alloy was 10 pages or over 200 pages, we could only identify access to the chapter and therefore count it as a single completed search.

In 2017 we spent several months working with a software developer. As a result, we are now able to identify and quantify usage of text pages as well as non-text items such as tables/figures/micrographs. This data began being collected on 1 October 2017.

If you are a client and would like to request periodic statistical reports, please contact Patti Mason ( You will need to request the reports for particular quarters of the year, or for your annual access dates.

What's New: Product Updates[Permalink]

October 2018: New Chapter on 9Cr-1Mo added to ASMD, HPAD and AHAD
9Cr-1Mo is primarily used in applications where creep and corrosion resistance are needed. The chapter covers three grades of the alloy: Grade 9 (initial grade), Grade 91 (added Nb and V to improve creep resistance), and Grade 911 (added Nb, V, and W). It is used in nuclear applications and in the refining industry for high pressure and temperature piping, vessels, fittings, and turbines.

October 2018: New Chapter on Hastelloy G-35 added to HPAD and AHAD
G-35 alloy is a solid-solution strengthened, corrosion-resistant nickel-based alloy that was developed for the chemical industry, particularly in acid and chloride environments. The alloy is much less susceptible to chloride-induced stress corrosion cracking than stainless steels and nickel-chromium-iron alloys traditionally used in these applications.

--- It is not enough for knowledge to exist; it must be communicated to those who can apply it judiciously. ---

New Address[Permalink]

In July 2018 our offices moved. We welcome any visits by current and potential future customers. Contact us for directions. Our new mailing address is:

CINDAS LLC Purdue Technology Center-Aerospace
1801 Newman Road, Suite 104B
West Lafayette IN 47906-4510 USA

CINDAS Alloy Forecast[Permalink]

We regularly add chapters and data on additional alloys to our databases (ASMD, HPAD, and AHAD), as well as make updates to older chapters that are already in the databases. Many of the chapters are already in process since it sometimes takes over a year to create, review, edit, and perform the data entry that finally results in the addition of a chapter.

Here is a glimpse of our planned future additions and updates.

In 2019, we expect to complete an update to the chapter on Inconel 600, an update and expansion to the chapter on Waspaloy, and a new chapter on Ti-6Al-4V. The new chapter on Ti-6Al-4V will be written with a focus on additive manufacturing and will complement the other two chapters we have on cast and conventionally processed Ti-6Al-4V.

In 2020 and beyond you can look forward to revisions of chapters on 347/348 Stainless Steel, CMSX-4, and Haynes 282, as well as chapters on relatively new alloys such as Haynes 244 and Ferrium M61/M64.

Since our selection of alloys to add or update is heavily reliant on the input of our users, feel free to give us your input on what alloys or updates you feel are needed to our databases so that we can get them into our forecast.

--- Information does not cost; it pays! ---

Meet Our Neighbors[Permalink]

We thought we'd share a little info about our neighbors in our new home, Purdue Technology Center-Aerospace District!

Rolls-Royce Corporation Control Systems

The Rolls-Royce Corporation Control Systems is the division of Rolls-Royce focused on design and manufacture of electronic and fuel controls for aviation engines. Rolls-Royce Corporation Controls Systems partnered with Purdue University and Purdue Research Foundation to develop state of the art fuel pump and electronic control testing capability both for university research and industry design and development.

Purdue Research Foundation's Office of Technology Commercialization (OTC)

Purdue Research Foundation's Office of Technology Commercialization (OTC) operates one of the most comprehensive technology transfer programs among leading research universities in the United States. Services provided by this office support the economic development initiatives of Purdue University and benefit the University's academic activities.

Purdue's intellectual property is an asset Purdue strives hard to protect, market, and license. OTC works hand-in-hand with Purdue faculty-, staff- and student-entrepreneurs to provide the resources needed to better understand Purdue policies related to intellectual property and the processes whereby this intellectual property (patents, copyright, trademarks and tangible research property) can become an actual product or service. To ensure the long-term success of the innovations, OTC takes the process one step further - at times - and helps inventors form startup companies complete with investor support and qualified management teams. Website:

Purdue University Sesquicentennial Campaign

The Purdue University Sesquicentennial Campaign, 150 Years of Giant Leaps, is a yearlong celebration of Purdue, its remarkable people, its unique history, and its visionary drive to meet the world?s future challenges. With the campaign serving as a springboard for a renewed commitment to growth, innovation, and discovery, Purdue?s call is simple: Whatever your pursuit, take Giant Leaps. Purdue University's Sesquicentennial celebration is a time to reintroduce Purdue's people - past, present, and future - to the world. It's a time to redefine the scope of land-grant universities and challenge global leaders to take GIANT LEAPS in solving worldwide problems. Website:

Purdue University Offices

Some of the many Purdue University departments residing in the PTCA building are: Marketing and Media, Physical Facilities Administration, Safety and Security, Procurement Services, University News Service, and Supplier Diversity Development.

--- Your decision is only as good as the information you have available. ---

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Technical data can be expensive and difficult to obtain--collecting it, organizing it, analyzing it. Any time you have something someone else doesn't have, you need to retain that advantage and put it to work.

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